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Company: ZAGORSKI VODOVOD limited liability company for public water supply and sewerage
Headquarter: Zabok, Ksavera Šandora Gjalskog 1
Registration number of the subject: 080146992
Personal identification number: 61979475705
Account IBAN: HR7123400091110017966 opened at Privredna banka Zagreb P.L.C., Zagreb
Registration Court: Commercial Court in Zagreb
Legal form: limited liability company

Business activities:

• Public water supply activities
• Public sewerage activities
• Use of hazardous chemicals
• Sampling and testing the health
safety of water for human consumption for own needs
• Execution of connections of buildings
and other real estate to communal water structures
• Certification of water meters and preparation
of water meters for verifications
• Production and sale of energy in the process of
performing public water supply or public sewerage activities
• Delivery and sale of treated sludge generated
in the process of wastewater treatment


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As part of the implementation of the EU project, Zagorski vodovod d.o.o. providesits
customers free connection to the public sewerage network.

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